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Thread: Carne Arranchera for a warm summer evening.

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    Carne Arranchera on a warm summer evening.

    At 4:00 pm today in the shade it was:

    And on the patio it was:

    Definitely wasn't going to cook in the house.

    It was still 96* when I fired up the XL.

    Fried some beans.

    Grilled the arranchera.

    Time to eat!

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    That looks fantastic except for the thermometer picture....yuk!
    My kids live in orange county and their dying in the heat. Barbs folks used to live in Escondido. Nice area.
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    Awesome plate of food Robert. That temp you can keep, but hope it gets cooler for you soon.
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    Looks delicious - makes me want to stop at Rancho Market this afternoon. I looked for a super mercado (different one) I've been to a few times while driving by the other day but didn't notice it.
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    Another amazing cook, Robert! I love seeing the XL in action!
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    That Performer really is a thing of beauty...

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    Amazing looking cook Robert, not super keen about the temps (obviously), but the food makes up for it!
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    Yep, that's pretty toasty Robert. We're looking at a possible 110 up here this Thursday. Can't imagine what it will be down your way. Your Carne Arranchera looks delicious. Perfect for the heat. Love the beans as well.
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