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Thread: Hello from Chicago NW suburbs

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    Hello from Chicago NW suburbs

    Hi all,

    I stumbled on this board while researching a new gas grill purchase. I'm currently using a Vermont Castings that has been serviceable, but while cleaning it the other weekend I found the drip pan was only about 60% there (and of course closer inspection revealed numerous other problems).

    In hunting for a new grill I zeroed in on Weber, but honestly looking at them in the stores the new models didn't look quite as sturdy as I had expected. The N/S burners in the Genesis models seemed kind of far apart leading me to wonder how evenly they heat, etc. Anyway, while trying to find some honest opinions on the new Webers (hard to do these days) I wound up here and found some great info. In addition, I ran across several of the threads talking about preferences for older Webers and showing some of the nice restorations done. That then reminded me that I had an old grill sitting around the corner on my deck for the past several years that the previous homeowner left behind. I knew it was an older Weber but had just assumed it was a rustbucket and hadn't gotten around to tossing it yet. Seeing those restores, I got curious and pulled the cover off, and on a closer look found out it's a 2002 Silver B (Premium I believe, with the extra side table on the right). It looks to be in pretty good condition, so I started pulling it apart to restore it. Free potentially nice grill and I didn't even have to transport it!

    Looking forward to finishing it up and getting to try it out.

    Thanks to everyone for providing such good info here - I've already read a ton and learned a lot.

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    Hi Dave... You totally found the right spot. Welcome!

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    Welcome to the forum Dave.
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    Welcome Dave. Keep in mind during your restore that Weber has their part store in Palatine, should you need stuff. Been awhile since I have been there, but they stock nearly everything
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    Welcome to the forum Dave. That silver B will be a good grill to rehab and will give you many years of service.
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