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Thread: Alarms Question

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    Alarms Question

    I'm playing with setting up alarms. I just want them to email/text me. I don't want any beeping locally on the device, if that's what the "action" means. Should I set the action to 'silence' or 'disable'?

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    Either will work.

    I don't even bother installing the buzzer since I know I never want the device to make a sound.

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    It will almost always chirp because the HeaterMeter triggers the alarm and turns the buzzer on, then the notification preferences tell it to turn off immediately so there's a bit of a delay in between. The difference between the two actions is documented in the wiki, but the difference is whether the alarm will trigger again if the temperature passes the limit again.

    Silence - Can trigger and notify again
    Disable - Won't ever trigger again until you turn it back on
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