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Thread: Condiment Wars

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    Barb is the condiment queen here. All I care is it needs to be a name brand such as Heinz. Best foods, French's etc. She watches for sales and stocks up if we need some. It must be a super competitive market because one of the major chains here had the large Heinz 38 oz. ketchup on sale for a $1.25 a bottle. We won't need to buy any ketchup for a long time now.
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    I am brand loyal to a fault: Heinz Ketchup, Frenchís Mustard, Hellmanís Mayo. No substitutes.

    It goes deeper: Weber outdoor cookers, Royal Oak charcoal, Thermopen thermometers, Whirlpool appliances, Ford cars/trucks, John Deere tractors, Stihl yard equipment, Dewalt power tools, Wonder bread, and on and on.

    Thatís just me.

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    Dwain, Iím very much like that, I find a good product, I tend to be brand loyal. Sometimes I feel forced to give up. When quality fails, time and time again. Condiments are not a big deal but, other things I try to give a baseball chance (3 strikes...) at full count, Iíll change pitchers!
    Brooks(Tangy) catsup (thanks for the human spellcheck, Bob) used to be pretty easy to find around here but, maybe Iím getting Heinz lazy since my sister moved to Pittsburgh!
    I still like Kikkoman soy sauce (Wisconsin product). Dad worked for International (Farmall cub was his line) one family friend worked for Deere, another for Case!
    Food, food, food!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rusty James View Post
    We also bought a jar of Heinz mayo, but haven't opened it yet.
    Just opened it up recently, and I honestly have to say, it tastes like Duke's mayo.
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