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Thread: Can't Get Grill Hot Enough

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    Can't Get Grill Hot Enough

    I'm new to charcoal grilling having spent many years on a gasser. I have a new performer 22" (non-gas) and a SNS. I filled the SNS with about 70 lit coals and I couldn't get the temp over 300. I was aiming for 325 - 350. I was using Kingsford original and top and bottom vents were full open.

    I lit the coals in a Weber chimney and let them burn for about 15 - 20 minutes before dumping them in the grill. I put tin foil down instead of a drip pan. It was almost 90 degrees outside. Any idea what I could be doing wrong here?

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    Did the foil cover the bottom vents? Was the top vent open all the way? If all the vents were clear (unobstructed) and open all the way, the temps you were looking for should have easily been achieved.
    Just a thought on a starting point,
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    Water in the SNS ?70 coals isn’t a lot (from my experience), what were you cooking, how long were you planning on cooking? I’ve not used one a SNS but, have been offered the use of one.
    The concept is interesting but you might need a little more experience, I’d start with a full charge in the chimney and go from there.
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    Did you have aluminum foil completely covering the food side of the charcoal grate?

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    I can't remember how many coals it takes, but the last time I grilled on a 22" kettle, it took a heap of coals to get some decent grilling heat. I downgraded to an 18" model with good results.

    EDIT: I see you're talking about something called a Slow N Sear? Maybe my advice is not applicable here.
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    15 or 20 minutes in the chimney ? Half the coals a burned by then. The hottest you can get is with the lid off. Not sure what you are trying to incinerate at those extreme temps.

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