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Thread: Can't Get Grill Hot Enough

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    I'm going to guess he put the lid on too soon after dumping the charcoal. I'll dump and leave the lid off for a few minutes. If I want it really hot I'll wait for flames before putting the lid on and with all vents open leave the lid cracked for extra air flow. Most of the time when I'm grilling my lid temp is 500-600 degrees when I first put the lid on and dial it down from there. The high temp helps clean the grates. If I'm smoking I will dump and put the lid on right away.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dwain Pannell View Post
    I use a full chimney of lump for high heat grilling. If I want it super high I let the lid sit on the metal legs of the handle creating a sliver of an opening at the back of the cooker. After a few minutes it’s blazing hot. More air = more heat
    Having a hard time imaging this in my mind for some reason.
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    Dwain is right on. First off, lump will get hotter than briqs.

    Secondly, the slightly ajar lid will allow greater airflow for high heat, as well as contain most of the heat that would be lost if you were lidless.

    Also, keep adding more lump ever 10 to 15 mins to keep the burn going.

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