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Thread: Charcoal arrangement

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    Charcoal arrangement

    Hi I've smoked things over the years and it turned out great but always looking for ways to improve. Have a side firebox set up that I've made some modification too that will soon include a heatermeter. Whats the best way to set up the charcoal? circle where you start one part and let it slowly ignite the rest? or pile with starting coals in the middle? I like to cook with fist size chunks of wood but do i need to keep the wood going through out or is it better to introduce your smoke in the begining and cook with just charcoal for the long haul?

    Sorry kinda loaded questions there but couldn't really find definitive answers online or in the threads

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    I think you can't find definitive answers because there are no definitive answers. I'm confused about what you cooking with, but I pile the charcoal and start with lit coals in the middle. Other people sprinkle the lit coal over the unlit. Some use a can without a bottom in the center with unlit around it, then pour lit in the can and remove the can. Some people with ATC's like to start with the can and lit near the vent with the ATC. Still others use a snake or fuse method. They all probably work pretty well.
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    Just have to experiment to find out what works for you .

    For example, I tried the open-ended can method but found the coals died out on me after about 4 hours. Went to sprinkling lit over unlit. That worked for me.

    Others had success with that method. I didn't.
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    I use the torch one side technique anymore, it will start ab It five or ten briquettes pretty easily and then it’s just wait for desired temp and let it roll! Sounds like the OP is using some sort of offset which is a language I don’t speak so, I can’t really offer much help there.
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