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Thread: Costco Snake River Farms brisket find. worth the extra cost?

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    I bought 2, but am thinking of getting one more today to make pastrami with. the label does say commodity grade on it, but I assumed that was not a big deal. Guess I gotta eat it to find out. was thinking of putting them on tonight around 11 or so and do an overnight, wrapping in paper tomorrow morning and holding till 5 or so to eat em up. just dont want to over cook it with an overnight, but hell, why not give it a try.

    they had 4 more in the fridge at costco. all of them were in the 15-17 pound range. i got the smallest 2 as i have an 18 inch and really hate have the manipulate them to get them to fit. gotta get me a 22" as size matters! they had a lot of snake river tri-tip there as well, but at $12 a pound, I figured the brisket was a better deal
    but these go to 11

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    So I promised to share some wagyu photos from Hong Kong. They aren't of brisket per se, though maybe one of the many cuts we got were. The place is called yakiniku jumbo. Chris can move this to the photo gallery if he thinks it's more appropriate.

    And yes, it was delicious. Unlike anything else I've had in that format.
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    Wow, that looks incredible! What an amazing trip!
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    Yippee! Looks like a great time to me!
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