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Thread: Does a Tamale pot fit the TOP section the 14.5" WSM to make a rib hanger?

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    Does a Tamale pot fit the TOP section the 14.5" WSM to make a rib hanger?

    I know you can use a tamale pot to make a mini WSM. With that in mind, a friend asked me if I knew of an easy way to make a rib hanger setup for his 14.5" WSM. (I have an 18" WSM with a Gateway Rib Hanger and he's trying to get some hanging action on his 14").

    I'm wondering if anyone has tried a tamale pot the TOP section of the 14.5" WSM and how well did it fit? If a tamale pot fits the top section, then you could just drill some holes and add 2 rods to hang the meat and hopefully the lid would fit on top as well.

    Just a thought. Comments or better ideas (short of welding a custom rack) to make a rib hanger for a 14.5"?
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    Buy one (save the receipt) and find out. If it doesn't fit, take it back.

    & hopefully... you tell us.
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    Sorry if this is obvious...cut the racks in half.

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