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Thread: Cleaning up a q

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    Cleaning up a q


    I've had a baby q for years but recently acquired a 200 for free. I was delighted as it's a total bargain, but my gf was horrified... I'm sure I can clean it up as well as folk on here have. Bit of rust but nothing major, the grill is in good nick. Ridiculous question but how?

    Combination of
    - scrapping rubbish of it
    - oven cleaner to degrease
    - scouring
    - wire brush / wool
    - possible repaint

    Right things in the right order? If I take a scourer to it at the moment it'll clog it up instantly.

    Or, take the lid, and the base and get them sand blasted (or there's a guy locally who used bicarbonate of soda), no idea what the cost would be or if it'll strip away anything useful though...



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    I think the hardest thing is cleaning the grate. Look at my foray into cleaning up the carbon encrusted grate on my 320.

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    Sandblasting works great. Scrape off all the crud you can first. I like to scrape what I can (dry), then blast. If it's pretty dry already, it should blast off easily.
    I use a finer blast sand. Soda is great for delicate finishes, sand works fine on this cast stuff unless you're going for a mirror shine on the outside. It doesn't take much to come clean.

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    Soap and plastic scrubber on the inside body. You can use oven cleaner and wire brushes on the grill grate. Drill bits to clean up the holes in the burner.

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