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Thread: The Meater competition?

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    I'll never actually buy one. The only setup I see working for me is the wifi one and I just don't have that kind of coin. The bluetooth is probably only going to reach as far as a receiver outside the grill. I need to learn to grill steaks by touch. I get the gist of it, I just don't cook enough them so I use the thermapen.
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    Quote Originally Posted by BFletcher View Post
    I think my intention is to use it for rotisserie bbq's exclusively. As for steaks; I lack the skill to test by feel, so I probe a few times during the grill.
    It's not that hard , just takes some practice.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LMichaels View Post
    So if I leave now can I make it there in time for dinner?
    Sorry, man..... Rockford is a good 9+ hour drive (not that I've ever made THAT drive before.....) and dinner was on at 6. Most of it evaporated in pretty short order.

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