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Thread: Royal Oak Charcoal on sale again at Lowe's

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    I will say the 22" kettle did a heck of a job roasting a chicken. My wife asked me to try it after grilling food for the evening, and everyone ranted & raved about how good the chicken was. That was a light bulb moment for me, and I joined the forum soon after.

    I'll get another 22" kettle sometime in the future along with a set of charcoal baskets too.
    18.5", 18.5", 14.5", Royal Oak Lump / Royal Oak All Natural Briquettes, Blue Genesis Silver C

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bob Correll View Post
    Some love the RO regular, I do not like it at all.
    Maybe they have a quality control issue, or maybe it's different from different plants where it's made.
    I think member Rich Dahl tried a snake with it, and it didn't work.
    The new Royal Oak All Natural is pretty good though, IMO.
    You're right Bob, a two wide snake could not get it to go at all. Had to tear it down and use KBB. Actually tried it twice with the same results both times (slow learner)
    But RO works great for high temp grilling, the big plus is no stinky white smoke on startup, the negative doesn't burn as hot as KBB.
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