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Thread: Cobb Salad

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    Cobb Salad

    My wife has been after me to make a Cobb Salad for her. So I did.

    Boiled some eggs.

    Grilled a chicken breast.

    Fried some bacon.

    Made a vinaigrette of a sliced shallot, red wine vinegar, K salt/black pepper, Dijon, evoo & bacon grease.

    Platter: Bed of red lettuce, chopped eggs, avocado, chopped chicken topped with crumbled bacon, blue cheese and sliced tomato.

    Time to eat!

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    Well my wife would love the organization of that platter hehe so clean and organized! Looks like a nice cook and pretty solid meal.
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    I could eat that all day long.
    ; ; ;

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    Robert, you can pass that cobb salad this way, it looks fantastic. You outdid yourself on this one.
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