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Thread: Loaded baked pertato & some nature pix

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    Loaded baked pertato & some nature pix

    I've switched back to human powered transportation this year it seems, my motorcycles have been neglected other than the random ride around the neighborhood.

    I'm older, fatter, heavier, and these trails are a heckuva lot steeper than I remember them.

    Dog Lake - I was heading towards Desolation but the distance & elevation (dog was easier) made the choice for me.

    No accidental get-offs today but I almost went OTB once, and I wound up in reverse (4 roots on the uphill - lost momentum).

    Oh, and the baked potato! It was actually nuked

    and I'm still sitting here drinking beer, with 3/4 of it on my plate

    I wasn't sure if I wanted habanero ranch or bbq sauce so I left it on the side.

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    That's some beautiful country you have to ride in there, Clint! It's always hard to get back in the saddle, for sure, but the benefits once you get your body used to it again are fantastic!

    That's a nice looking post-ride protein/carb bowl ya got there! Keep it up, brother!


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    I could settle in for one of those plates too Clint. Really enjoyed your nature shots, particularly the pond.
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    I'm not sure which I like better, the view or the tater. Great pics!
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    Great pictures Clint and that plate ain't to shabby either.
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    That's a hell of baked potato. I'd want that too after pumping all that iron.

    It's starting to get hot here, could go for some mountain scenery like you have.
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