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Thread: African American owned BBQ joints in Texas

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    African American owned BBQ joints in Texas

    Here's a really cool article about African American owned BBQ joints in Texas by Daniel Vaughn of Texas Monthly. It's a whole world I know little about. I've seen some of these terms on menus before and had no idea what they meant. We tend think of only Central Texas style barbecue when we think about Texas barbecue.

    I'm dying to try some of those East Texas style beef links.
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    I really enjoy Daniel Vaughn and Texas Monthly's BBQ coverage, even though I live north of the Red.

    Vaughn comes up with a lot of interesting stuff. I learned the other day that up until five years ago, he was an architect.

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    Great article. I was confused after the first 2 minutes
    So many recipes, so little time
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    Nice find Dustin

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    A new Rudy's just opened in Austin. I'm gonna have to go in and ask one of the college student wait staff for "regulars" and watch the confused faces.

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