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Thread: Picked up a couple of Kettles

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    Thanks, everyone.

    Dan, I use the following items to clean a grill's enamel surface:

    0000 stainless steel
    a razor blade
    Fantastik scrubbing bubbles degreaser spray bottle

    For the cooking grate, I use a stainless steel scrubbing sponge
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    These kettles can be found cheap in our area. I bought my first one about 10 years ago for $15. Was a simple one with the three vents at the bottom. But I hardly every used because of the gasser I have. Now a few weeks ago found one with the ash collector. Paid $10. It came with Weber cover, a Weber chimney starter a full bag of briquettes and a bottle of lighter. Couldn't resist. Now trying to get back into charcoal grilling.
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    Raspberries at you Stefan!
    If I could find one for forty bucks within forty miles I’d be doing that trip right now! People up here either feel they are worth way more than they are or simply keep them. Regional differences in pricing continue to amaze me!
    Are you planning a trip this direction anytime soon?
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    J you really did a nice job on those next time I do a cleanup going to try that Fantastik scrubbing bubbles degreaser spray bottle.

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