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Thread: Memorial Week bargains

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    Memorial Week bargains

    GFS (Gordon Food Service) ran a sale on Bone-in Boston Butts this past week for the Memorial Week sales. I got an email notice, but when I got there they were sold out. However, they gave me a "rain check". I checked with a couple of fellow smoker friends, and ended up picking up the "rain check butts" today. $1.39 a pound with a two butt package (butts ran 8-10 lbs. each). We all three took a two butt package. Nearly $75.00 of goodness... Can you imagine buying top grade pork butts for $1.39 per pound, these days?

    The weather had been terrible for smoking this spring - if it's not raining, it's thunderstorms with winds as high as 70 mph. 40-50 seems almost daily. But-t-t, next week the weather report looks GOOD. I will be smoking my two bone in butts and will report further, with pics...

    See you then...

    Keep on smokin',
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    Rain checks can be handy, especially if they have no expiration date. It's much easier to store a couple of rain checks in a drawer than to store the equivalent amount of meat in the freezer. When a local grocery put butts on sale a couple of years ago I had to go to three locations before I found any in stock. But I ended up with the butts I needed, and rain checks for four more at the same great price.
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