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Thread: 1985 Weber Genesis 3 Print Ads

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    1985 Weber Genesis 3 Print Ads

    I found these two 1985 Weber Genesis 3 print ads on Pinterest. Note that these grills have the rarely seen wide wooden slat shelving. Also, the Weber phone number is 800-000-0000...perhaps these were early design comps.

    Genesis 3 shown here came with the side burner as standard equipment. Genesis 2 came with a wooden work surface in place of the burner, but included a connection off the manifold for an optional burner to convert the Genesis 2 to a Genesis 3.

    Really beautiful ads...

    And here's a magazine ad for the Genesis 3 from the same time period with the same wide wooden slat shelving.

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    Those are great ads Chris. Good find. I had thought the slats were redwood, but according to these ads they are cedar. And these look to have the LP scale like mine has.
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    Thanks Chris for getting this ad for us. A number of interesting things show up. The wheels are a little different and the side burner is very different. The igniter switch has no border. I am sure someone trying to do an all out accurate restoration would really have a challenge finding these!

    I was also a little surprised that it was cedar wood slats from the beginning.
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