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Thread: Curbside find

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    Curbside find

    Found this yesterday afternoon on the drive home. It was covered in dirt and leaves and generally in poor shape. So far I've just done a hose down and quick scrub with soap and water and a little orange degreaser and then let her burn for a few hours... I might replace the igniter but that's no really a priority.

    She's usable as is but I'm considering a repaint down the line (maybe at the end of summer)...

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    Nice find!

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    Since you found it curbside and have nothing to lose, that might look cool painted in one of the Q1200 colors like the orange or lime green. Just a thought.
    And welcome to TVWBB!

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    The paint looks a little rough, but the grates look like they're in great shape! The Q's are great grills that get very little respect. I love my Q200, it amazes people how much food you can fit on it. My friends have seen me use mine so much camping and tailgating, several of them have gotten a Q for themselves.
    Awesome find,
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    Welcome to the forum! Wow, what a great find. Looks like your grates are fine, and that is probably the biggest money consumer. The rest will clean up to almost new if you put a little time into it. I would suggest you use an angle grinder with a cup brush and wire brush the inside and also the outside of the lid down to bare aluminum. Then you can paint the lid red or whatever color you like in a high heat paint. Look at Amazon or and auto parts store for color options.

    I am just finishing the same grill you have that looked much worse. It has a whole new life with a Weber-looking red hood. I use Mothers Back to Black for the plastic parts. There may be legitimate concern about not getting this in your food, so if you plan to use the tables for prep I guess you will have to go with food grade mineral oil. For all that you paid for it you can even spring for a new igniter just to make it complete!

    Good luck! Please post pictures as you progress.
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    That is an awesome find. The greats are in good shape and that is the main issue with Q grills. The burners are #2 and the igniter is #3. The rest is all aluminum or composite so you don't have to worry about rust. The cart is a bonus.

    It looks like a perfectly functioning grill as is, but if you want to paint the lid, I would strip it down to bare metal and then hit it will Rustoleum High heat paint. An angle grinder with a wire cup brush would take the lid down to bare metal quick.

    Here is a Q200 I did last year.

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