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Thread: 18.5” WSM Mods and Gadgets - Oldie but Now a Goodie

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    18.5” WSM Mods and Gadgets - Oldie but Now a Goodie

    Long time lurker but figured it was time I start posting. I’ve had my 18.5” WSM for about 7 years now but just recently started doing some mods. Following is a list of the mods and essential (IMO) gadgets I’ve added:

    -BBQ Guru DigiQ DX2 temperature controller
    -2 BBQ Guru eyelet kits for temperature probes
    -Thermapen Mk4 instant read thermometer
    -ThermoWorks Smoke wireless alarm thermometer
    -Unknown BBQ lid hinge
    -3” locking wheels from Menards
    -Cajun Bandit stainless door
    -Cajun Bandit stainless coal ring but having trouble with it interfering with my DigiQ DX2 (see separate post asking for help).
    -Weber probe grommet – I’ve had that for months and just got the nerve to install it today. -Ended up being one of the easiest mods I’ve done taking less than 10 minutes. I attached a picture of the tools I used. I’ve had the step bit for a long time but just saw a similar one at Menards for $20.

    I primarily smoke BB ribs and chicken with an occasional brisket. Hope to start posting more going forward and hope the pictures work.

    Update - Sorry but the pictures didn't work so I deleted the URL. Will try to figure it out sometime when I have spare time.
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    Very nice... I’m trying to decide whether to get a DigiQ DX2 or an Auber PID controller for my new 18.5” WSM. Wanted to break her in with a 3 pack of Costco baby backs this weekend but unfortunately it’ll be raining here in the Northeast for the next 5 days.
    Smokey Joe 22 OTS 18.5 WSM Spirit SP-330

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