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Thread: How much is a Weber Kettle Ranch RB-600 worth?

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    How much is a Weber Kettle Ranch RB-600 worth?

    I have an older model Ranch and am curious on what itís worth. It was known as the mothership. Round lid not flat

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    Bumping...these don't come up for sale very often so there's not much pricing info out there.

    Are you looking to sell it or just "establishing value for insurance purposes"?

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    This might sound like a BS answer, but it really depends on the condition of your mothership and your location. I've seen beaters go for $500-$600 and I've also seen nice ones for $400 sit around for weeks.
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    I'll add to DaveW's comment.

    It depends on condition of the cooking grate and the kettle overall. It also depends on whether or not someone wants an old mothership Ranch compared to a newer one. There are a lot of features on a newer one that some people prefer over old.

    Kind of like comparing an old black 26 Fleetwood to a newer 26.75 kettle. I traded a mid 70's "beater" Fleetwood to my buddy for his newer 26.75...haven't regretted it one bit. Not a fan of daisy wheels, love the lid bail and stainless grates? Yeah, sign me up.

    I also sold my newer model Ranch btw, because I love cooking on the 26'ers so much more.
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