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Thread: Hello from Indiana

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    Hello from Indiana

    Thanks to all the forum contributors. I have been grilling on a gas grill with wood chips for years, and thought I was eating well. Then on a trip to Saint Louis I had a pulled pork sandwich at Papaís, wow, I was blown away. I started researching back yard smokers and found this site. You convinced me to get a WSM. So I saved my pennies and bought a 14 inch WSM in April. My first cook was a 9 pound butt. I started at 4am on a rainy, windy, 36 degree day. I was in heaven, best rainy day ever. The butt was done at 6pm. The family raved and ate the whole thing in less then 3 days. Since my first smoke I have done a whole chicken, whole turkey, and salmon. All with great results thanks to your advice and guidance. The wife wants a brisket for Motherís Day. So I canít wait to tackle that. Thanks again for all the advice, you guys and gals are the best. Keep on smoking.

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    Welcome to the forum Larry!
    Glad to hear that a St Louis bbq joint set you on the path to some righteous, homemade barbecue!

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    Welcome Larry. Congrats on your purchase. Sounds like you're well on your way to lots of good eats.
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