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Thread: Maverick 733 or ThermoPro TP-08

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    Maverick 733 or ThermoPro TP-08

    For Christmas, I got a 14" WSM added to the family. Finally, the occasion has arisen where I'll get the chance to run both at the same time. But, uh-oh, I don't have the thermometer rig to run it like I want. I really don't want to drop the money on another Smoke as I don't imagine that I'll be using this more than a couple of times per year. So, I'm trying to decide between the Maverick 733 and the ThermoPro TP-08. The ThermoPro is considerably cheaper right now, so I'm leaning that way unless someone tells me otherwise.

    So, which do I choose?
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    I use my temperature probes mainly to monitor the WSM temperature. For two smokers, I'd just use the Smoke to monitor both pit temperatures. You might need another probe.
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