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Thread: Picanha The Same As TriTip?

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    Picanha The Same As TriTip?

    I have seen some that say that Picanha is the same as TriTip. Now I like TriTip and have made many of them.
    As for the Picanha, I have never been to a Brazilian steak house, and have only seen them in videos. So, could they
    really be the same cut of beef? All the raving about how delicious Picanha is has me interested to try some? Does anyone
    know where to by it in the Chicago area? Thanks!

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    Nope, Picanha and tri tip are two different cuts from the sirloin primal.
    Picanha is top cap, and the tri tip comes from the bottom.
    Picanha on TVWBB and you'll find several references and cooks.
    Can't help you in Chicago, but I did find them once here in St Louis.
    I assume a butcher shop will cut them for you.
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    Picanha is top sirloin cap. Any butcher worth his salt should be able to cut you one. You want the whole thing.

    I buy it when top sirloin is on sale. I go to the meat cutters at the market and ask if they will cut a top sirloin cap for the same price as top sirloin. Have never been refused.
    However, I always ask first before ordering. I request that no fat is trimmed and they remove the silver skin.

    Just bought one today. CAB choice. $4.77/lb. 3 lbs.

    We like picanha more than tri tip.
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