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Thread: Hello from smokey Mazomanie WI!

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    Hello from smokey Mazomanie WI!

    Glad to find this forum! Looks like I'll learn a lot from all you fellow kettle junkies. I've been grilling for 20 years, but only really started BBQ around 11 years ago when my folks got me my first Weber kettle for a gift. It's a Weber Performer and as my dad likes to say, it's probably the most used grill ever! Started smoking meats on it about a year after I got it, as at first I thought you have to have a smoker to do that. Well in short order I was getting awesome results and after a few family get togethers with some tasty results my dad was hooked too! I now own that same Performer, a Smokey Joe, a Jumbo Joe, a 18.5" WSM, and a Ranch Kettle! Also have rotisserie rigs for the Performer, WSM/Jumbo Joe, and in addition Stacker rigs for the Jumbo and WSM. I'm hoping to find a steel shop to help make and extension/rotisserie setup for the Ranch someday. It's good to have dreams! Dads got the bug too now and is running a Weber gas grill, a 26" Weber Kettle, a 18.5" WSM, and a Jumbo Joe, with rotisserie rigs for the WSM/Jumbo and his 26" kettle. We have a lot of fun trading stories and tasting each other's cooks.

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    Welcome to the forum, Adam! Sounds like you have a healthy arsenal of Webers. Be sure to post some pics of your cooks in the Photo Gallery.
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    Hey Adam! Welcome to the BEST BBQ / GRillin' joint you'll find on the internet!
    Sounds like you've been all set for ANYthing anyone throws at you, with all those Webers INCLUDING the Monster Ranch!
    VeryCool! Look forward to your many new posts!
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    Welcome Adam. Sounds like your all set.
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