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    Texas > Amarillo: Tyler's Barbeque

    Last month my wife and I were passing through the Texas panhandle on our way home from Arizona and I made a point of stopping at Tyler's Barbeque, which made Texas Monthly's most recent "Top 50" list.

    This is actually the drive-up window side of the building; the front faces the street.

    The dining area isn't very big and it was full even at around 2:30pm, so we ordered our food to go. We'd had a very good lunch in New Mexico so we weren't particularly hungry, but no way was I going to pass up brisket and ribs.

    And beans for me. My wife had potato salad and IIRC it had a little bit of a kick.

    Even though the meat was gently reheated in a motel room microwave 2 hours after it was ordered it was still very good. The brisket had a nice smoky flavor and the ribs, while maybe just a bit softer than I would've preferred, had a good rub and nice porkiness. And I really liked that the beans weren't sweet.

    I have a feeling we might be returning to Arizona next year and if we do, a more thorough stop at Tyler's just might be in order.
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