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Thread: New Thermometer for 22.5 WSM

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    New Thermometer for 22.5 WSM

    While my thermometer that came with the WSM was way more accurate than most people's, the thing use to fog up like crazy so you could barely read it.

    I got a Midwest Hearth (rebadged TelTrue that comes with the mounting nut and washer) 3" dial and 4" stem. I kept the bezel from the stock thermometer and just use my Dremel to cut away the material where the thermometer has a bulge in the back. I drilled the hole larger and I placed some thermal tape over the slot in the dome that the old thermometer housing used so as to limit the amount of smoke that comes out around the thermometer/bezel. I think it is a little cleaner look with the bezel instead of just the thermometer.

    Here are some pics that aren't the best.

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    That's a cool idea. I wish tel-tru made a 2 1/2 inch thermometer that would just fit the bezel. The weber one is not that bad but it has to be replaced every few years.
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    nice work Big Dave!
    I know many of the members that own the therm-equipped WSMs are happy with the temp the OEM therms,
    they (we) just take their word it's 254F when it says it's 254F.... and swim from there.

    however, I do own a few TelTru therms and have mounted a couple on otherwise therm-less kettles.

    Anyway, TwoThumbsUp on your TelTru therm install! Looking GREAT!
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