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Thread: 1000 Nat Gas Manifold

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    1000 Nat Gas Manifold

    I figured I would post this here for anyone looking for a nat gas manifold for a 1000. If it was not for Jon my redhead which he sold me the lp manifold would still not be working.

    I had taken the valves apart and lubed them so they work like new it had a propane connection on it which for sure that is all they did so it was burning like the towering inferno so good shape no knobs and the rubber protectors are missing also but if you have a propane manifold you can just take those off.

    Want to help somebody looking for that don't want much for it pm me if you need one.


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    That is a very nice thing to do sir! I have a natural gas "2000" and it was another member that helped me convert from propane!

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