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Thread: What’s the best quality ribs?

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    I use them from time to time as a lot of times they are the only choice,years ago I bought 2 racks and turned out tough but luckily I have not repeated

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    Just to add to the confusion you also have various brands that are upper 2/3rds choice that are pretty darn good, like Certified Angus Beef and I find they can be pretty close to prime.
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    I have found the only great ribs I cook are from Whole Foods, baby back or st louis. I have tried ribs from Kroger multiple times and they are never even remotely as good as the ones from whole foods. As best as I can remember every cook book I have read says to get the highest quality meat/veg/fruit etc you can afford as the end result will always be of higher quality.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Robert Dilbert View Post
    .. get the highest quality meat/veg/fruit etc you can afford...
    We just get the best that we are willing to pay, which for us is choice on beef and Kroger/Meijer ribs when they are on sale, lol.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ben Hunt View Post
    I love Cheshire spare ribs from Heritage Farms. 6 racks runs about $79 including shipping. Give them a look.

    Hi Do you have the web site for Heritage Farms?
    Thanks Dan
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    Dan, ever hear of Google?
    Took me all of fifteen seconds to find them.
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