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Thread: Norwex cleaning supplys

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    Norwex cleaning supplys Has anyone used their products? M-lady just started with the cleaning polish, kitchen towels, pot scrubbers and she loves them.

    Our SS appliances look brand new with little to no effort along with our vanities, glass doors, counter-tops, shower door, stove top and double oven. Fume free with no harmful chemicals is what sold us.

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    My wife e has been using Norwex for a while now. We love the towels for their ability to be small in size but ability to hold a ton of water. we like them for vacations as the towels take up little space in the camper, or the large hand towel is perfect for when we go to the beach as it takes up zero space, yet can dry off an adult with no problems. The towels take a little getting used to, as they don't slide across your body like a cotton towel does. The cleaning products work well also. When my wife started buying the products, I did some research into their claims regarding cleaning/removing germs from counter tops. Several news stations tested their claims as well and found they're claims to be true.
    Not exactly sure they are worth the high price they are getting for their products, but happy wife, happy life!!
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