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Hey Steve,

The Genny II E-310 is a nice grill and I've cooked on it a couple of times but if I didn't get it for the price that I got it for then I would never have bought it because the suggested retail price for that grill is way too much for what it is. My daily driver is a rehabbed Genny 1000 a.k.a. Baby Blue and I like cooking on that more than the Genny II due to the burner set up (I prefer the EW burners as opposed to the NS setup) and I believe it'll be easier to clean/maintain. I think you'll like the E-330 due to the fact that it does have a closed cart and there are more aftermarket parts right now for that grill (e.g. 304 s.s. grates/bars, gourmet cooking system) than the Genny II. As a matter of fact I haven't seen any aftermarket parts yet for the Genny II in terms of grates/bars/heat deflectors.
Yep the Genesis II system seems way overpriced. I am sure it is good gear, but everything I need is in the E330. And I have just heard back from Weber customer service, and all the accessories I want are still available for the E330. So life is good.

I am thinking about finding a second hand kettle and doing it up as a project ...seems to be the thing to do

Once again thanks for your feedback and input.
cheers from downunder