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Thread: Welcome to WSM Smoke Day 14: May 26, 2018

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    Welcome to WSM Smoke Day 14: May 26, 2018

    Hi everyone,

    It's time once again for WSM Smoke Day! As is our custom, we'll be celebrating the 14th installment of WSM Smoke Day on the Saturday of Memorial Day Weekend, May 26, 2018. Of course, you can plan your Smoke Day celebration for any day before, during, or after Memorial Day Weekend depending on your schedule.

    Each year I like to give credit where credit is due. WSM Smoke Day was the brainchild of TVWBB member Joel Kiess. He suggested the event as a way for WSM owners to share their enthusiasm for the Weber smoker and for cooking barbecue. The idea is simple: use this forum to discuss what you'll be barbecuing on Smoke Day, cook it and photograph it on Smoke Day, and discuss and share your photos here for all to see!

    And don't forget to order your WSM Smoke Day 14 t-shirt available in many colors and sizes.

    So start planning for WSM Smoke Day 14! I'm looking forward to seeing how everyone celebrates this year!


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    Thank You Again! Joel and Chris for inventing/hosting this AWESOME event!
    We look forward to it EVERY YEAR! With Much Enthusiasm!

    However, the annual Smoke Day in Raymond will be postpone this year, and I am very sad (mad) that it will be.

    Glad, because our old beat-up rotten old deck will be replaced FINALLY...
    but upset the landscaping company doing the project will not start until the 22nd of May and will not finish until the 8th or 9th of June.
    I am expecting the entire area surrounding the P1Gvilion to be gone on the 26th...

    Still, I will smoke something somewhere on my property....

    ...haven't come up with a replacement date, but we're looking at June 23rd or July 21st as possibilities...
    May have some "custom" Smoke Day shirts made for this year....
    Living a dream in
    ......................The Home of THE P1GVILION

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    We look forward to the Grand Reopening Smoke Celebration in Jun or Jul Jim.

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    I'm excited to join in my first WSM smoke day

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    Excited for my first WSM Smoke Day! Look forward to seeing what everyone is cooking and hearing the stories. Cheers!

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