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Thread: Best way to hold and reheat a brisket

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    Best way to hold and reheat a brisket

    A little help please. My Daughter wants brisket for lunch Sunday. I'll have to smoke it Friday and hold. Is it best to reheat whole or already sliced and best way to reheat?

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    I think I’d go a little short on initial cook and allow to cool some, foil, fridge, then finish the last few degrees in the reheat stage. Keep it whole put it in a slow oven (275?) and bring it to finished temperature that way, you’ll keep most moisture if it’s whole.
    Others may chime in with more experience but, that’s how it makes the most sense to me.
    I kind of like the Brisket for lunch on Easter menu!
    Drat! Now I want to do a brisket!
    Ham is the order made for Easter from my wife and what baby wants, baby gets! I need to keep things happy around the old home place!
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    You can reheat brisket almost any way you like and it will be good. Did an 11-pounder (trimmed) overnight for Easter. Brisket tacos on Monday: refrigerated the leftovers whole; cut a few thick slices and reheated in a covered pot with a little beef stock; just reheat -- don't cook; chopped it medium on a tortilla with slaw and sauce (Franklin Espresso - so good). Took a hunk to Tequila Club on Wednesday; reheated whole in foil in the oven; sliced with roasted poblanos and some salsa verde. Oh, yeah. Will finish it tomorrow or Saturday. Probably tacos again. Favorite leftover sandwich is chopped brisked with espresso sauce on a hearty roll with slaw and a split Texas beef sausage on top; dill chips and red onion. Oh my.

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    If you want to hold a brisket after finishing it on the smoker, it will hold 12 hours or more in an oven at 150-165F. I wrap my briskets with 40 lb unwaxed butcher paper for the second half of cooking and once done and after bleeding off the carry over heat for 1-2 hours I hold them in a 150-165F oven until service (anywhere from 5-8 hours). I actually believe the hold times improve the final product.

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