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Thread: Recipes from my browser tabs

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    Quote Originally Posted by Clint View Post
    I grabbed a 4 pack of Guinness Stouts from the store today - it's not a bad stout by any measure, but it's no I Eat Danger For Breakfast Stout (clone of Founders Breakfast Stout). I noticed the strange ping-pong ball inside the can. What's up with that?
    It's called a 'widget'. Contains nitrogen so when the top is popped, it "foams" just as if it was just pulled from the tap. You'll notice that "pfffffft" lasts a lot longer than the usual "pft" you get when you pop the top. My fav beer

    Your corn recipe above: why nuts? There's no nuts in it. In any case, it looks great and is now in my recipe bank.

    PS that Danger Stout is in a different league. More like a malt liquor than a stout. It's 8.3% ABV vs 4.3% for Guiness. Can't compare the two.
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    I just poured the third in a pint glass - strange! I noticed the louder/longer pffft, even this third time it sounded like it was shaken up & was going to overflow but it didn't. I thought the Draught had the Nitrogen.....I wish I'd have bought both kinds to see if I could notice the difference.

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