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Thread: Grilled Asparagus

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    Try a shake or three of Trader Joe’s “Everything but the bagel” seasoning!
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    ROBERT: That is an interesting idea, to make GUS "planks" with turkey lacing pins. I'm thinking cook-grade silicone stretchy bands at the pin ends to hold the planks together?

    BRUCE: I hold the GUS stalk by the woody cut end and gently push the tip into the counter top at a slight angle to bend the stalk, then further to break it in two. Stalks just seen to naturally break at the section where the woodyness starts. This seems easier to me than guessing and cutting.

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    Sander, I saw that method for trimming the asparagus in an earlier post and I'm going to try that next time
    Grills and guns are a lot alike. While one would usually suffice and you can only use one a time, each grill/gun is better in certain situations.

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