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Thread: TVWB 20th Anniversary Promotion: Donate & Get T-Shirt Gift

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    Quote Originally Posted by JimK View Post
    Just wanted to say I got my shirt a while back and have been wearing it quite a bit. Really nice quality and very comfortable.
    Yes, I very good quality Hanes Beefy-T and a quality screen printing process done right here in good ol' San Jose, CA. Glad you're liking it!

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    Thanks for the shirt, Chris, all I can say is, you (and all the gracious forum members) are the best!

    Oh, and thanks for the two VWBB beer condoms, too, .....grin.
    two 22.5 OTGs, a 26.75 flattop, smokey joe, two Meco grills, 22.5 WSM, kettle rotisserie, kettlepizza, weenie wheel, and 1 wife who is an exceptionally good sport

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