Hi everyone,

The Virtual Weber Bullet will be celebrating 20 years online this coming June! To commemorate the occasion, I've got some great gifts I'd like to give you when you make a small donation to TVWB.

Not generating a ton of money given my cost + postage on these items, rather just trying to share the fun of celebrating 20 years of WSM barbecuing with all of you!


Please Note: When using the links below, PayPal may suggest LARGE donation amounts like $75, $100, or $150. These are not my recommendations and are automatically displayed by PayPal. Please ignore these amounts and enter the amount you'd like to donate. You must donate at least the minimum amount requested for each gift, but I'm happy to accept larger donations if you feel so moved.

If you live outside the US: Please don't click the links below! Send me an email with your full mailing address and I'll get back to you with an adjusted donation that takes into account higher shipping costs.

Don't forget to indicate t-shirt size and mailing address when ordering. I've outlined both in red in this example...click anywhere on the text and type your t-shirt size.

Here are shortcuts to each gift:

  1. Get TVWB 20th Anniversary pin & vinyl sticker
  2. Get TVWB 20th Anniversary pin, vinyl sticker & stainless steel TVWB bottle opener
  3. Get TVWB 20th Anniversary t-shirt
  4. Get all four thank you gifts