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Thread: Can I or has anyone... Built a cabinet for Weber propane grill

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    Can I or has anyone... Built a cabinet for Weber propane grill

    I have had my Weber Genesis for a number of years, 10?

    It needs burners, grates and flavor bars. So I am at a point of selling it and buying new or changing what I have.

    The ONE thing I do not like, is the bottom is open. I want it to have a closed cabinet.

    I am handy with wood, and can make anything.

    Is it safe to put the top portion of the grill in a wood stand?
    lined with tile if needed for the heat?
    Basically an oversized rolling cabinet for the top portion of the weber and a side cooking surface.

    Not seeing much on the Internet about this.

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    I don't know if wood would work but certainly sheet metal

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    I am not an expert at all, but I would think the big issue would be to allow breathing space between the firebox and the cart you build. Much like what Weber has done with older Genesis and Performer grills with the plastic thermoset tables. There would have to be some kind of metal attachments to hold the firebox to the cart that allows air space for heat to dissipate.
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    I would sell that grill and find a fixer upper that already has the enclosed cabinet. Easiest and cheapest solution I can think of. I personally prefer the open bottom. But Weber has made a lot of grills over the years with the enclosed cabinets. They hit CL and FB all the time.

    But, if you are set on fixing up your current grill, I would not use wood. You would need some kind of buffer up near the cook box if you do go with wood. Tile and everything is going to get awful involved and add a lot of weight to the grill.

    Good luck and let us know what you come up with.
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