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Thread: Restoring a Redhead Performer

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    Restoring a Redhead Performer

    I happened across a cheap SS Performer on Facebook. $40 seemed too good to be true. Turns out the photo didn't reflect its actual condition (which is rough), but I figure this will be a good project to fill the little spare time I have.

    The big picture:

    The worst of the damage:

    Has anyone found a good match for repainting/repairing redheads? Worst case scenario, I may farm out the refinishing of the bowl and lid (there are a number of hot rod shops in the area that do powdercoating). There's also some rust on the frame and a few missing parts (both swivel casters and the one-touch assembly), but the rest is there, including the original 5# propane tank and regulator. The ingnitor may also be missing...didn't specifically check for it. The frame has a good bit of flex to it, but nothing a wrench and a few welds won't fix.
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    I don't think i'd bother re- painting that lid. Some people here will recommend some red high heat paint and that's the route I would take. I'd fix everything except the lid and keep an eye out for an old redhead that you can borrow the lid from. I think those master-touch type lids are very rare so you would have to probably settle for a regular lid.
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    Looks like a grill that still has lots of promise to me. Have you had a chance to do anything with it yet?
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