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Thread: Doing Lamb Spareribs 3-2-1 style

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    Doing Lamb Spareribs 3-2-1 style

    I've got some lamb spareribs. Each is about 2.5 lbs or so. Obviously, using the standard pork or beef rib cooking times would produce shoe leather, so I'm looking for some help on duration of cook.

    I am using the BRITU method in terms of rub and approach and also plan to use a modified 3-2-1 method. I'm thinking something like an hour to 90 minutes in the bullet at 250 indirect with apple smoke, then an hour in foil in the oven at the same temp. Open them up then and add my BBQ sauce, a little apple juice, and some honey, refoil, and go one last hour. I know that lamb is supposed to be under, not overcooked, but with ribs, I'm dispensing with that rule - I want them falling off the bone...

    Anyone tried anything similar with lamb ribs?

    Thanks in advance for any suggestions...

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    I've never done em, but have read they are similar to venison ribs in time and texture so I followed this.

    Different smokes for different folks. Wish the Dollar Store sold gas!

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