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Thread: Help me out with thoughts on the Performer series, I think I've narrowed it down...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Timothy F. Lewis View Post
    I have a buddy who works for Kalamazoo grill, I need to hit him up for a tour! Maybe a job?
    I would be over there if I lived in the area and had a friend there...

    Quote Originally Posted by timothy View Post
    Well I guess that depends on the off-set and who's using it.
    That is certainly true, but I think I know enough about smoking and bbq that I could handle what it takes. What I'm referring to is the ease of tending the firebox, the ease of tending the smoking chamber, the grills are laid out flat, nothing stacked on top of each other and/or shelves that you can't get to easy. The offset just seems like a better design than a bullet to me. Albeit I put up with the pains of using the bullet style WSM because I can produce good 'que with it, but that doesn't mean it's the easiest/preferable to use. Same goes for the kettle, if I had a Santa Maria style grill I think it would cover all of my high heat needs.

    And yeah, I think I know how to carve a turkey, and I know how to carve brisket or how to do short ribs, fish, chicken, etc...

    If the quality of this newer Performer I got was better, I probably wouldn't be thinking about welding one up, but it's not going to last and won't be something to pass along to my son...considering the 30 year old kettle is in better shape, even if the paint is washed out, it would be a better options to pass along to my son...
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    While you may be somewhat disappointed, I think a little rust removal and CAREFULLY applied high heat touch up paint might make you feel better about your Performer. I am sure you would also be more careful than the prior owner.

    My old Performer had a non-working starter, busted cover for the starter button and a rusted-off caster. I used POR-15 and some Yankee ingenuity to change the casters out for another set of regular wheels. Then I bought some new replacement parts for the starter and cover plate. Now my Performer is back on my best friend list instead of getting me depressed!
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