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From my understanding 430SS is OK from a structural perspective, you'll get some surface discolor/corrosion. Its all the other parts that aren't stainless that break down in a coastal environment.

304 generally seems to hold up OK in the area around the coast. I don't have direct oceanfront experience.

FYI, on the new Weber Genesis LX series they've gone back to 304 on more parts(not all).
I'm pretty sure you are right about the new genesis II. I was at a big box store today. Tested the stainless parts of the genesis II. No stainless parts were magnetic that I could find. Tested a Spirit and all the stainless parts were magnetic.

So the new genesis uses all of mostly high grade stainless. The spirit uses the cheaper and less durable 400 series stainless. Which makes perfect sense.

I've said it before but the new genesis particularly the ones with the open cart and heavy steel frame look like they will really LAST.