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Thread: Stable Firmware Release v14

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    EDIT: Disregard! I updated the image one more time and it looks to finally has taken.


    Guys, I've been running an older version of the s/w for a few years now. Today, i decided to get the latest and greatest. I have a raspberry pi B, grabbed the appropriate img (heatermeter-bcm2708-stable_14-skynet.img. I used Win32 disk imager to install it on the SD card. Loaded it and plugged it into power. Via a monitor I watched its progress. Screen goes by to fast to watch everything, but I do see I get a lot of cannot set group tty for /dev/tty**. Then it ends on wlan0: link is not ready. I am not connected to my local network (10.0.0.*). I'm using a edimax wifi dongle.

    Let me know what I can try to get this back in action. Thanks!
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