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Thread: Bent Lid

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    TVWBB Member J Bowie's Avatar
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    Bent Lid

    I need help on LID for 22.5 WSM. While cleaning my WSM at the car wash I dropped the lid from a worktable. The lid fell about three feet and landed on concrete floor. I thought it landed straight down but apparently it hit on the edge and consequently bent a section about 5 inches across the rim. Itis usable but leaks considerably. I measured itand it is half inch out of round.

    I have straightened the center section of my cooker in the past but I do not know how to straighten this section. What does a new lid cost?
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    TVWBB Pro Lew Newby's Avatar
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    I would try a spreader clamp. Mine are bar clamps that let me reverse the clamp heads and they then pull things apart.

    After more thought I would clamp across the wide part and see if I could pull it back to round that way. If you don't have rubber guards on the clamp head use pieces of wood, leather, or cork to protect the porcelain.
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    TVWBB Hall of Fame timothy's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by J Bowie View Post
    What does a new lid cost?

    Lew gave you some good advice, you could also try a dead blow hammer and see if you can pound it out.
    Or if you know anyone in a body and fender shop see if they can fix it.

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    TVWBB Emerald Member Robert-R's Avatar
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    I would try cutting a disc out of 1/2" plywood to the diameter of the inside of the cook chamber & then gently & evenly pound it into the lid. Use bar soap to grease the edge of the plywood. Go slow. You could drill some holes in the plywood & thread rope through them before you start to remove the plywood.
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