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Thread: Slow N Sear Plus or XL?

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    Slow N Sear Plus or XL?

    I think I have talked myself into getting one of these. I have been researching them and it seems this would be a good fit for what I'm trying to accomplish. I have a 14.5 WSM that suits most of my smoking needs but I would like to try my hand at some full packer briskets and really don't need a 22WSM.

    Here is my question for those that have experience with this product. I have a 22 and a 26 inch kettle. I have heard that the Plus will also work in the 26er. If I get the Plus I may be able to use it in both kettles. I'd love some input from someone that has tried this. I'm just trying to figure out if I go with the Plus or the XL.

    I'm just looking for some help deciding between the two models, don't want to turn this into the pro's and con's of the actual product.

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    Following this for more info as well. I'm working on talking myself into getting one.

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    I've seen some YouTube cooks with th 26 and the XL. I think the plus is more designed for the 22. I think l it's an awesome accessory but it's pretty low on my list of things to buy right now. The plus will probably work in both because it can probably stand up on its own even if it doesn't fit the curvature of the 26 exactly
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    I use the original sized slow n sear in both my 22" and 26" kettle without a problem. While the 26" slow n sear is obviously larger and can hold more fuel, I don't see the need to have two of them. For long overnight cooks (basically anything longer than 6 hours), I still use fire bricks in my 26ers as I can then set the charcoal capacity to what I need to get me through the night. Also, it should be noted that the slow n sear is a bit too high to fit between the grate holders on my older 26" kettles, so it has to sit away from the bowl--again, not a problem for the original slow and sear since the curvature is never going to match up precisely, so a one inch offset is no big deal.

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    I have the Original SnS and am using it right now with two butts in my 26er. I will say that, regardless of what others have experienced, I typically get about 4-5 hours before I need to refill it. So, for a brisket, that would be 3 loads of briquettes.

    As far as going for the Plus, I may have gone for it, if it had been available at the time I bought mine. But I'm certainly not interested in replacing the one I've got.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Bill D-NC View Post
    ... I will say that, regardless of what others have experienced, I typically get about 4-5 hours before I need to refill it. So, for a brisket, that would be 3 loads of briquettes. ...
    ...unless you cook your packer high heat. I have cooked brisket low n slow and high heat numerous times and high heat produces a better brisket for me every single time. I did it again with a Prime packer from COSTCO last weekend. Packer brisket in five hours is very doable. YMMV

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