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Thread: I Finally Got a 26er

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    TVWBB Guru Pat G's Avatar
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    I Finally Got a 26er

    I have been wanting a 26" kettle to round out the collection and I finally bought one. It was an auction for a NIB 26er. I ended up paying $175 out the door. I think I'm going to list my extra 22 kettle on CL to clear up some space. It's gonna be a great Father's Day.
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    You Will Like It A Lot! Congrats. You got a screaming good price on that.
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    What a score Pat, I gave up on finding a 26er, and bought another gas assist SS performer instead.
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    Nice Pat, I'd love to have one but really don't need that much space. But you got a great deal on that one. Now if Weber came out with a gas assist 26 performer I might be tempted to sell my existing performer and get a 26er.
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    TVWBB Super Fan Tyson's Avatar
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    Great find. You will love it.
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    Just did my first two racks of ribs yesterday with a fuse burn on my newly acquired, pre-owned 26," from a tvwbb member. I am absolutely SOLD! As a long time 22" guy, I wondered if it would be better than having two 22's going at the same time. Short answer is...YES! I feel like I went from driving a Cadillac in a Weber 22" to driving a Mercedes in a Weber 26."

    Not sure how I made it before without a 26?"...but I know I can't realistically go back to a 22" for my day-to-day needs. The fit and finish is just...better.

    I love it! And you will too!
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    TVWBB Olympian ChuckO's Avatar
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    Congrats on the 26er! Gonna love it, I love mine
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    Congrats Pat! (You too Mike!) Now you both can build MiniRKs!!!!
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    TVWBB 1-Star Olympian Tony R's Avatar
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    Congrats 🙌

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    Congrats ! Glad you are happy with it. I was thinking I needed one but I immediately found out that I could not use one. I use a wheelchair so the reach and weight of the lid make it near impossible. No big loss as I no longer cook as much anymore. Enjoy !

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