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Thread: 14.5 with a party Q and a couple other mods - need some input

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    14.5 with a party Q and a couple other mods - need some input

    Hi all,

    I just sealed the side door (this leaked real bad before) and bent it into place better, added the PartyQ and door hinge. Going to do a pork butt this weekend as the first cook after mods. I didn't bother with the lid seal as mine seals super tight - never seen any leakage.

    BBQ Guru says to aim the air deflector straight down. But he regular vents are on the side - above the lower grate. Seems straight down wouldn't be ideal I hedged it more side/down.not sure that will have any impact??

    Do most of you guys just all out stop using the water bath after starting use with PartyQ? Doesn't the steam help some or is that less significant for the product and mall about temp control?

    Many thanks!

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    I believe that instruction is for a kettle. I sealed all vent openings with the supplied tape except for the front vent where I sealed just 2 leaving one open for the adapter. I ues a clay saucer wrapped with foil. I also wrapped the bowl. You will find clay saucer threads under mos. Hope this helps.

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    I have a CyberQ adapter on one of my WSM 22 vents. Yes, their advice is correct in that you want to aim the flow down to go under the coals. The real issue is that these tings do not push enough air through a WSM due to their volume and their leaks. I have the lid hinge as well and like it. I also have the Cajun bandit door and charcoal ring (made a video on that). The door seals better than the stock door which leaks like crazy.

    I ditched the water altogether and filled up the bowl with sand (also in the above mentioned video) because I find that the sand heats evenly and is a lot easier to deal with. I don't have a place to dump the nasty water and don't want to carry it through the house to dump in the potty.

    I did two layers of foil on the bottom of the pan (top side) and filled it to the brim with sand. Then I put two more layers of foil on top of the sand. I made a bowl in the sand with my hand so that the foil could catch any drippings and be easily swapped out when it gets full. I have not yet had to change the sand but I have only done this for a short time so far - this spring and summer. I do get an occasional leak through to the sand but interestingly, you can just scoop that stuff out like clumping kitty litter and can be done with it versus changing out the nasty water. The moisture in the meat adds to the situation plus sometimes I just add a a pot of water on the lower grate. The lower grate is either never utilized or never fully utilized for food so there is almost always room for a pot of water (that I pre-boil anyway on the kitchen stove).

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