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Thread: First Ever Full Packer

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bob Correll View Post
    Congrats on your beautiful SD 13 cook you two!

    as a side note, my lawyer will be contacting yours about using the name Egg McRich.
    That's funny Bob, actually I've been using that term for about 30 years. When Barb used to go to her office at about 5am I used to make her an egg with bacon on an English muffin and wrap it up in foil to take to work which she ate a little later in the morning. One of her co workers thought it was a from Mickey Ds and Barb told her I made and it was an egg McRich, the rest is history.
    I tell my attorney to expect some correspondence
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    Well then there now, my apologies Mr McRich

    I remember when Mc D's first came out with the egg McMufffin they advertised it as breakfast was coming to McDonalds.
    My survey crew and I stood in line for one that first day, a guy in front of us, not knowing that the McMuffin was all they offered, told the clerk he wanted 2 eggs over easy, toast, and a side of bacon.

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