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Thread: New Build temperature problems

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    New Build temperature problems

    Hello everyone,
    I am new to the forum and new to smoking. I read through the posts, and looked at you time videos and built a mini wsm. However I fired it up last night to see if i could get it to temperature. It was a chilly evening, i used the minion method on a medium batch of coals but couldn't get it past 200. I opened all the vents all the way. Can anyone offer any help.

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    Just finished my build and am having complete opposite problem, temp too high, can't keep below 180 with bottom vent almost closed.

    Guess I need to use a water pan for my mini. Will try running it with bottom completely closed but don't know what effect it my have on an actual smoke.

    I'm new to this also. Did you use steamer tray or grill grate below you pan? Is pan too big and not enough heat flowing passed it's edges? Not sure if this helps but seems my problem my be solved a little easier than yours.

    Good luck

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    Seeing it is about a month since your post i hope your problems have been resolved.
    But if not this is another amateurs two cents - things you might already have considered.

    I assume there could be any number of easons, but most likely they have tomdo with airflow, atleast thats what i experienced and had to experiment with while learning to crawl using a regular kettle.

    I have seen many posts where a lot of emphasis is on the ventcover in the bottom, using a dogbowl or a can with holes punched out. This to limit ashbuildup. Also adding a sides to the charcoal grate seems to increase the airflow.

    I would also suggest lighting using the standard method, not overfilling with charcoal since having to lift the pot to add a coal or two during the cook impacts less than cooking at a low temp i think.

    I also agree with C Dax that there needs to be airflow around the heat diffuser. i also had a problem getting the heat up in my 11inch mini when i used a stoneware plate as a diffuser. Changing to an aluminum tray helped with that. Max before about 200, after almost 300F.

    Hope you get it working

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