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Thread: Anyone else find that Whole Foods has the best meat?

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    The local Whole Foods is great but the Fresh Market here gives them a run for their money. Both offer great meats.
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    I guess that it depends on where you live and the availability of "old-school butchers" who know their stuff (or not) within your locale.

    Here in Wisconsin, we have LOTS of good options (just that certain cuts that are popular elsewhere may be hard to find)
    I've been to WF and the stuff looked pretty impressive.
    We tried some of their steaks once when they were on sale, and they WERE pretty darned good.

    Every now and then - I like a different "organic" place that has grass-fed beef.
    It seems to have better flavor and texture for some things, but not as tender as good Prime.
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    Just read where Amazon has bought Whole Foods and supposedly will be lowering there prices starting Monday.

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    my brother works as a butcher for wholefoods and they do have a great selection.

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    Living around Chicago, we have a few actual butchers, the Jewel food stores, Mariano's (the old Dominick's Chain) a few IGAs. I haven't noticed any difference except price. With Illinois being broke as a joke and taxed to the extreme (Chicago is the top city in the country that people leave) I can't even see how Whole Foods even stays in business.
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